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UK’s First Water Innovation Strategy is a Step Towards Long-Term Resilience

Highlighting the need to find new ways to drive transformational change in the water sector, Ofwat have released their new innovation strategy. In this article, Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) look closer at how the strategy will support long-term water resilience.

The UK’s first strategy on water innovation, Ofwat have set a new vision for innovative problem solving in the water sector, facilitating open collaboration and delivering greater value for both customers and the environment.

Reacting positively to the strategy, L&DA say that this approach is imperative to ensuring long-term resilience in the water sector, following growing concerns of the impact of climate change and a need for more successful achievement of the Environmental Agency’s environmental performance expectations.

In an article from Lisa Thompson, Chief Executive of British Water, she highlights that water companies in England have steered away from these expectations, with four out of nine companies rated as poor or needing improvement.

The water sector is truly facing unprecedented pressure, with added challenges from population growth, regulatory compliance, Brexit and the lasting impacted of COVID-19 – as well as customer and media scrutiny, and the sectors own targets of achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

L&DA write that Ofwat’s strategy is the first step towards addressing these challenges and will see water companies and their supply chain work together more effectively.

Each and every organisation needs the creative input of both current and new generations of employees as well as the wider supply chain to enable them to think differently to mitigate risk and adapt to change. The new innovation strategy will see the water sector begin to make use of their full talent potential and deliver new innovative, solutions.

Prior to the release of the new strategy, L&DA recognised the opportunity for innovation training in the water sector and launched their latest Level 5 Award in Leading Innovation within the Water and Environmental Industries.

The two-day course was developed to provide employees with a comprehensive understanding of innovation techniques and their application, to promote and apply innovation within their own role.

Lead by industry experts Simon Buckingham and Rob Wynn, the new Level 5 Award allows water companies to embrace innovation culture and enable their employees to become active members of an innovative organisation.

L&DA have since released new, cost-effective pricing for the course in response and support of Ofwat’s innovation strategy, with options for attendance with or without inclusion of qualification.

Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) specialise in the design and delivery of bespoke human resource interventions for the utility sectors.

For more information on the Level 5 Award in Leading Innovation with the Water and Enivronmental Industries, please contact us .

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