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Water & Waste Water Sector

We specialise in the design of bespoke human resource development interventions for the utility sectors.

Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) was formed in 2016 with a vision to bring bespoke company specific training to the Water Sector. We are a group of like-minded senior professionals, who have achieved industry-wide recognition for excellence in our own particular fields of expertise, whilst continuing to serve the learning needs of the industry.

Water & Waste Water Sector

L&DA founded in the UK, has a range of experience in the U.K. market and a background in several international Water markets.

Focussing on people and process L&DA brings its skills and expertise and network to provide advice and direction and interventions to the Industry supporting the wide range of learning needs of the Water Sector.

Water & Waste Water Sector
Learning & Development

With our breadth of knowledge and vision, L&DA makes its capabilities available to the sector through specialist design, delivery, project management, assessment and embedment of expertise and advisory services.

We are outcome driven, listening closely to the needs of our Clients, communicating from the outset clearly and concisely with language and terminology common to the Water sector, we understand the market and its current and future challenges and we are committed to providing learning interventions that will support and develop the industry going forward.

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