Learning & Development Associates – Advancing the Competence of the Water Industry
Advancing the Competence of the Water Industry
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Industrial Waste Water Treatment

New course and qualification coming in Autumn 2023!

This new course will be ideal for power generators, manufacturers, brewers or any industry involved in the end treatment of industrial water waste.

About Us

Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) is a leading training provider to the Water and Environmental Industries.

Since 2016, our team of associates have listened closely to the needs of our industry colleagues to support their learning needs, advance competence and ensure parity of skills through both the design and delivery of higher-level, ProQual accredited qualifications.

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Wastewater Treatment Compliance

As Wastewater Treatment compliance now comes under increasing regulatory scrutiny from OFWAT the overall ability of the Water Industry to effectively oversee and manage the Wastewater Treatment process and demonstrate competence of those responsible will likely become increasingly the focus of the public awareness and form a key stand of the regulators investigation.

The recently revised L&DA 10 day Level 5 Management of Wastewater Treatment qualification provides a route to both learn the principles of effective management of Wastewater at Foundation Degree level and to go further and demonstrate competence through a national qualification.

Have a look at our Level 5 course in reduction and mitigation of pollution incidents in the water industry.
Reduction and mitigation of Pollution Incidents

Please call +44 (0) 330 111 3344 if you would like to speak to one of our team or for more information visit our qualification page

Water & Waste Water Sector Services

We specialise in the design of bespoke human resource development interventions for the utility sectors.

Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) was formed in 2016 with a vision to bring bespoke company specific training to the Water Sector. We are a group of like-minded senior professionals, who have achieved industry-wide recognition for excellence in our own particular fields of expertise, whilst continuing to serve the learning needs of the industry.

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