Intqual-pro – Learning & Development Associates

Cyber stars

Intqual-pro are world leaders in Intelligence, risk and cyber security training, having delivered programmes in over 30 countries in the last 5 years. A team of ex military and law enforcement specialists, they provide dynamic and role specific training that allows organisations to identify risk, better analyse intelligence and communicate with decision makers. Their pioneering Cyber Stars Initiative now has over 250,000 members and has been adapted to those working specifically with Operational Technologies and Critical National Infrastructure

Why work with us?

Intqual-pro has delivered intelligence focused training to the water industry since 2017, repeatedly adding value to Operational and Regulatory decision makers.

With increased regulatory requirements for the UK water industry to remain NIS compliant and the increased volume and complexity of cyber threats facing the water industry today and in the years ahead, Intqual-pro are uniquely placed to provide knowledge of cyber threat and water specific vulnerability and opportunities to increase resilience


Intqual-pro provide sector experts from across a range of sectors and disciplines and therefore whilst always able to provide input from those with decades of experience in working within the water sector and broader critical national infrastructure, we can also bring best practice and experience from a range of other sectors, to include the military, financial services and intelligence agencies to ensure new concepts, ways of working and development of existing processes.

What the Intqual-pro/L&DA partnership can offer:

  • Intelligence, risk and cyber resilience training specifically tailored to the water sector and individual functions and operations
  • Strong leadership and management of the 360 degree training process; programme and project management skills;  on every programme or project there is a named manager, administration lead, QA person and mentor as required.
  • A flexible approach, with instructor-led training, blended-learning and use of multimedia to deliver the right delivery and assessment model for both the learner and employers.
  • Award winning training delivery accompanied by friendly, knowledgeable, professional administrative back office teams to ensure the learning journey is managed in the right way, and agreed outcomes are achieved

Barry Searle: Director of Training