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New Course Launched to Help Drive Industry Innovation

Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) have revealed the launch of their new training programme developed to assist the water and environmental industries in leading innovation.

Since industry regulator Ofwat’s announcement in 2017 that water companies would be required to put innovation at the heart of their business plans, followed by PR19, the subject has been an increasingly key theme in the industry.

Together with their associates, L&DA recognised both the opportunity and the need for expert, company bespoke training. The course, Leading Innovation within the Water and Environmental Industries, will address the multitude of challenges faced by all organisations and provide employees with the knowledge and understanding to successfully apply innovative techniques in problem solving.

The launch of this course is timely as Ofwat have just finalised the details of their innovation competition, which will include £200m of funding aimed at aimed at uncovering new affordable solutions to long term challenges. The fund is part of their wider strategy, ‘Time to Act, Together’, which discusses the challenges that water and wastewater services face, including climate change and population growth.

L&DA are confident that their training will help to drive awareness of innovation and its organisational purpose, how to build a successful innovation culture,  as well as develop employee understanding of how to apply principles and processes of innovation within their specific role.

Simon Buckingham from Learning & Development Associates commented:

“To meet the growing challenges facing the water and environmental industries the need for organisations to have a strong innovation culture and structure is more important than ever. At the heart of this is a well-trained motivated workforce equipped with the knowledge and understanding of innovation techniques”

The Leading Innovation within the Water and Environmental Industries course will take place over a two-day period, with learning outcomes split into two core agendas – Understanding Innovation and its purpose within your organisation, the Innovation process and Personal Skills and Behaviour, Applying the Principles of Innovation within your role.

Recognising that employees are the best people to address the challenges faced by the water and environmental industries, this course allows organisations to utilise untapped potential of talent and reward these individuals through the ability to make a stronger contribution.

Learning & Development Associates has substantial experience in designing and developing flexible role-focused, bespoke interventions, which provide learners from varied backgrounds with the necessary skills to better understand the principals of Innovation at a level appropriate to their roles.

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