Coaching for Water Industry Leaders – Learning & Development Associates

Targeted coaching for Water and Environmental Industry Leaders

Targeted coaching for water industry leaders at all levels, addressing both behavioural and technical competencies. We work collaboratively with organisations, teams and individuals to deliver tailored structured coaching programmes that drive measurable performance improvement.

Our coaching is ‘on the job’ and dovetailed into ongoing business activities, providing a practical context for leadership development. Return on investment is more immediate as leaders apply learning directly to the current business challenges they face. We provide bespoke coaching programmes for each leadership level including first-line managers, middle managers, senior managers and executives.

Coaching programmes can be standalone or integrated with our taught Level 5 Technical Water and Wastewater industry qualifications

Our Approach to Coaching

Typically, our programmes consist of a number of coaching interventions over a period of 3 to 9 months. Coaching is delivered in a flexible manner, utilising a mixture of face-to-face meetings, teleconferencing and WEBEX, as required. Our flexible programme also offers unique “intense one-day” subject specific technical coaching and mentoring.

Coaching sessions are structured around the bespoke development needs of the coachee. Typical subject areas include:

  • Leadership styles and preferences – analysing yourself and impact on others
  • Personal effectiveness – maximising your potential from Hogan insights
  • Leading safely – creating a safety culture in your team
  • Leading through change – taking others on the journey with you
  • Performance management – helping others grow and reach their potential
  • Managing performance – dealing with problem behaviours
  • Influencing skills – expanding your circles of influence
  • Strategy development – developing a vision and strategy
  • Leading teams – getting the best out of collective strength
  • Prioritisation skills – bringing focus to the most important issues
  • Communicating with impact – landing your messages effectively
  • Problem solving skills – taking a structured approach to solving issues

As water and wastewater sector specialists, L&DA uniquely offers the combination of both behavioural and technical aspects of coaching. Our coaches are all experienced water industry professionals able to support across a range of technical areas including:

  • Water Production and Water Networks
  • Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Networks
  • Demand Management & Leakage
  • Asset Failure, Incidents and Events
  • Risk & Resilience, Reservoir Safety and Asset Security

Leadership Profiling

At an early part of the coaching process, L&DA offers world class Hogan Psychometrics to provide the coachee with a strategic understanding of:

  • Their leadership strengths
  • How excessive and inappropriate application of such strengths will lead to leadership derailment

Provision of a Leadership Assessment Report supported by direct feedback and exploration of relevant issues provides a reference point for the coachee to understand how his/her personal
behaviour impacts directly on the practical application of functional and technical skills

Coaching Testimonials

“Having a coach was really valuable. They helped me to identify and understand how different management styles and approaches impact on others. The coaching provided a trusted space for me to discuss how I could apply my skills to really get the best from the team and wider stakeholders.”
Water Company Environment Manager

“Having the benefit of a skilled coach helped broaden my range of  management skills more quickly and effectively than I would have been able to without that support.”
Water Company CSR Manager

“After being put at ease over the challenge of having a work-based performance coach I learnt so much more about Water Treatment. The Coach was really knowledgeable about different problems at our type of works and helped me to develop our own plans for best practice and lower the works compliance risk. With their flexible approach to my issues I have the courage to be more innovative, yet risk based, in problem solving and team delegation.”
Water Supply Manager

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