Our Approach – Learning & Development Associates

Our Approach To Water Education

A learning need is primarily based on a client’s desire to assure themselves of a consistent level of knowledge and competence across their entire operations.

Our approach is to work closely with our clients to establish precisely where the training need is, where there may be knowledge or competency shortfalls and what is the desired outcome. We make no assumptions as to the organisation’s requirements and effectively start with a ‘blank piece of paper’. We have many year’s experience in the Water Sector and a highly experienced and qualified team of Industry professionals at our disposal, who are able to translate an organisation’s requirements into appropriate and long-lasting solutions.

Design Strategy

The initial stage is to define the overall Design Strategy with the client and to jointly establish the Evaluation/ROI measures at the outset of the project. We will manage the interface with the client throughout the Design and Development phase of the project. A critical aspect for successful design of the programme is to identify key stakeholders and managers within the Water Company who could effectively adopt the role of Sponsors or ‘Subject Matter Experts’.

We directly manage our internal experts and specialists to ensure the detailed design is in accordance with the clients’ needs and then progress the sign-off of the Design and Development deliverables. We would devise an appropriate Delivery Approach with the client and then manages and progresses ongoing work from concept through to delivery, ensuring that deadlines and expectations are met. We will liaise with relevant internal and external contacts in order to achieve this.

We will attend briefings as required and take and progress amends for any ongoing work, coordinating internally to relevant departments, agreeing and arranging turn-around and re-delivery back to the client.

Delivery Approach and Evaluation

Through our IQA Manager we review delegate feedback, such as evaluation forms, etc. and provide our clients with feedback, as well as evaluating the programme in collaboration with the client.

Learners entering an Intervention may demonstrate a range of experiences or may be entirely new to role. It would normally be assumed that students already have at least some understanding of general Water Operational activities. Whatever the student’s background, we will facilitate the upgrading or refreshing of knowledge and skills and promote individual development, confidence and competency in role. The expert tutors and facilitators and Assessors will be on hand to make sure that learners have understood the topics and to help those who may need support. If learners are competent in one topic area then they will be encouraged to mentor and help others who are less confident.

The L&DA approach will aim to help leaners to understand fundamental water and wastewater processes and activities. It will focus on basic knowledge and use straightforward, industry specific scenarios that relate directly to the Industry. The tutors and facilitators will lead each session, but the focus will be very hands-on, involving case studies and scenarios. Sometimes students will be working individually and sometimes within a cross-departmental team.