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Developer Services Management

  • “I really enjoyed learning about the treatment processes and how they work etc. Having the in-person sessions was great and it was so nice to have a trainer that has worked within the water industry and had so much knowledge and experiences to share.” (Nov 22)
  • “i personally gained a great deal of knowledge from the whole course as i have only worked within the new connections team so i didn’t have too much knowledge on mains and the design process, i only knew certain aspect of regulations, i didn’t know anything about drainage so this entire course has broadened my knowledge a lot!” (Nov 22)
  • “Key learning gained from this course was the knowledge around the water industry and how it impacts designing” (Feb 23)
  • “As my background is limited to gas network design, this course helps me understand how the water industry works and sometimes I try to relate it to gas to show that some aspects are in parallel to each other.” (Feb 23)

Management of Wastewater Treatment

  • “All the calculations for tanks like Retention times, Sludge age and all the info on this training will be relevant for my job” (Sept 23)
  • “The trainer was amazing on his interaction with us, and the training is fantastic, I’ve learnt a lot this week.” (Sept 23)
  • “Hydraulics unit really helped my confidence with basic calculations and understanding” (Jan 24)
  • “In my job I will use the ideas for carbon reduction and innovation. Better able to contribute to root cause analysis and operational performance reviews” (March 24)
  • “I will use this learning in my job as I now have a better understanding of the impact of plant design and availability on site and how this can impact compliance” (Jan 24)
  • “The most helpful training activity was the climate change section. Great team conversations regarding this subject which lasted the whole week!” (Feb 24)
  • “The key learning points gained were Hydraulics and maths equations – i was a bit rusty from my college days but it came back and was interesting. The Sewage Treatment processes was good, because i have always been involved with maintenance and repairing assets, but not so much the process biology and why it does what it does. This was very interesting.” (Feb 24)
  • “The learning I will use in my job are the process parameters which I do already know as part of my role and also the interaction between the relevant bodies we report to and affect due to the nature of our business” (Feb 24)
  • “The course has been the best training course i have been on. It has been hard, but engaging and i know i am better equipped at my workplace to do my job better.” (Feb 24)

Management of Water Production

  • “Reservoirs – This was an area of the water production process I had very little knowledge or understanding of. The information I learned in this section has really broadened my knowledge” (Oct 23)
  • “Step by step breakdowns of Clarification and filtration. Helped provide context and understanding of flow changes when beds are being taken in and out of supply.” (Oct 23)
  • “Deeper knowledge gained of the principles I already knew, more of the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’.” (Oct 23)
  • “I found the hydraulics helpful as I gave me an insight on how hydraulic systems work” (Dec 23)
  • “Key learning included WTW full overview of process. Able to apply Bernoulli equation to network operations” (Dec 23)
  • “I gained a deeper understanding of the telemetry and volumes of information required to efficiently run a works” (Dec 23)
  • “I am more confident now with the knowledge about hydraulics, able to calculate things if I need to. Also, better knowledge about the pumps and equipment. Chemical storage is good to know when I am walking around the chemical building what to rise if it is something wrong.” (Dec 23)
  • “The group activities were really beneficial as I liked the collab but also it was a nice break away from slides. I also liked the good level of videos, diagrams and interaction with the trainer throughout” (Jan 24)
  • “Key learning gained was how adaptation to climate change is different to mitigation of climate change and how difficult it is to adapt rather than to just mitigate. – A more in-depth understanding of surface water treatment processes coming from someone who’s knowledge is in groundwater treatments.” (Jan 24)
  • “Thinking about the site now and into the future and how we can become resilient to climate change – what can we do, how can we do it and what can we develop Also something i can share with my team in thinking about this in their day-to-day role” (Jan 24)
  • “I understand the wider process of both surface water and groundwater that will help to manage flows and reservoir levels – i.e. Surface water sites can take 18+ hours to ramp up, which needs to be factored in when conducting project works that will affect the Borehole site the reservoir feeds too, so it is a balancing act of the production of water.” (Jan 24)
  • “The trainer is a nice, friendly approachable chap” (Jan 24)

Management of Water Network

  • “Understanding holistically how assets installs are conceived from start to finish will benefit my role as strategic engineer. Understanding OFWAT budget decisions which have a key baring on my role in Network operations” (Feb 24)
  • “Course very informative around the different types of water borne diseases as well as the role the water regulations have a role on protecting the network.” (Feb 24)
  • “Thank you to the trainer – what an asset to your company” (Feb 24)
  • “Really enjoyed learning about pressure in fluid and friction loss” (Feb 24)
  • “Discussions around different types of innovative ideas and the resilience needed as a whole to ensure were future proofing the network as a whole were most helpful training activities.” (Feb 24)
  • “Overall good course to learn and to understand. Has a lot of practical benefits to the day to day working” (Feb 24)
  • “Great tutors. Highly recommended.” (Feb 24)
  • “I found the whole experience extremely helpful and informative there wasn’t one specific aspect of it that I could single out as all of the course led by the tutor has been fantastic!” (March 24)
  • “Excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge and took the time to explain in more detail any information that wasn’t fully understood” (March 24)
  • “I now have better understanding of key stakeholders and how they affect our activities” (March 24)
  • “I learnt the difference between what is innovation and resilience” (March 24)
  • “I now have a better understanding of regulations and Water Quality risks” (March 24)

Underground Services

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Incident Response Management IRM

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