What our learners say about our courses and qualifications - Learning & Development Associates

The Level 5 Award in Understanding Developer Services for the Water and Environmental Industries

  • In our design work, we’re increasingly having to account for wastewater assets, particularly as the company starts to deal with NAVs and wastewater adoption. The learning from the wastewater session will help with that (July 2021)
  • Running through the Design Task. This helped me understand the relevance of all the prior equations and calculations, and I understand how to use them to determine the design of a network. (April 2021)

The Level 5 Certificate in the Management of Waste Water Treatment

  • All the activities were helpful. As a process scientist (PCCO) and responsible for many Sewage treatment sites, I found this course very useful. (August 2021)
  • Site process from inlet all the way to outfall. Global warming and the effects of people’s behaviour including the changes we need to make in order to try and stop its progression (June 2022)

The Level 5 Certificate in the Management of Water Production

  • [He] was a fantastic tutor, explained everything so well, offered help when struggling to ensure you fully understood. Really brilliant teacher (Hydraulics May 2022)
  • A much better understanding of how the processes affect water quality such as RGFs being an important crypto barrier. (June 2022)
  • I can use the knowledge acquired to have a better understanding of the process and what can go wrong and what to do if this happens. Help[s] to have reference points to develop a critical thinking. [Being] aware of the different technologies used in water treatment can help to evaluate how to improve our systems and make them more resilient (June 2022)

The Level 5 Certificate in the Management of Water Networks

  • Risk management, and an understanding of the big picture for how water networks work. (July 2022)
  • How to react during an event, and what needs to be considered. [The tutor] was really helpful by applying these events to real life situations drawing on his experience to make it more understandable. (July 2022)
  • The training was delivered in an excellent manner by [the tutor] and his energy for teaching this subject really enhanced this course. He is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher. (June 2022)
  • Scenario based learning to test what we have learned over the course. Was really helpful to g[o] over some real life examples that [The tutor] drew upon which really supported the learning. (July 2022)
  • Management of Events. Key detailed element[s], and structured triggers, as well as real-life examples. Making the learning more relevant (June 2022)

The Level 2 Award in Utility Avoidance and the Location of Buried Services in Construction

  • Learned that everyone has a responsibility to keep [themselves] and others safely (May 2022)
  • Trainer was excellent and course was great, will be using what I learned from the course in my day-to-day work (May 2022)
  • As I have done [this] training many times and used the cat and genny for years, I feel [that] the trainer had covered everything extremely well and was very informative, I don’t feel that it could have been done better (July 2022)

Adaptation to Climate Change

  • Improvement of technical knowledge and also Climate Change module – not something I would normally be involved in day to day (May 2022)
  • Key learning points gained: About the impacts of climate change. Knowledge of different water production processes. (WP Course Jan 22)
  • Key learning point gained: Climate mitigation vs adaptation (WP Course Jan 22)
  • Climate Change was good as I was doing things day to day that would help but not knowing it was Climate Change related (WP Course Sept 21)
  • [I] can now talk to management about trying to keep improving what we do to help Climate Change (WP Course Sept 21)
  • Make sure climate change discussions are part of the wider conversations when planning improvements to our water production processes (WP Course Sept 21)
  • The Climate Change module was something I’ve not really thought about before, but it’s certainly interesting to think about and think of ways to safely build resilience into the future. (WP Course Oct 21)
  • I loved the climate change add in – but again this group struggled as was brand new and fresh. [The tutor] was excellent but I disagree on what I know I can do to make this a change and factored in at [my company] – needs top down driving this, so far I have no visibility of this in the company. whilst I took away valuable learning, what I can do still feels very limited. (WP Course Oct 21)
  • I didn’t know about adaptation to climate change so was really good session and can consider when having conversations in work. (WP Course Oct 21)