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Hogan safety assessmentAccidents at work arise from four primary reasons:

  • Inadequate safety systems of work
  • Lack of necessary technical knowledge and skill by staff to adhere properly to such systems
  • Insufficient promotion of a safety culture by senior management
  • Inappropriate behaviours within the workplace detracting from adherence to safe systems of work

The Water Industry has invested greatly in establishing safe systems of work and delivering technical safety training and senior management have consistently promoted a safety culture. However, less attention has been paid to the role of natural behaviours in the workplace contributing to accidents at work. Hogan Assessments have conducted extensive research into the role of natural behaviour and workplace safety. They have conclusively established a correlation between specific behavioural tendencies and the likelihood of a safety incident. In addition to technical safety training, to ensure optimal safety at work, attention also needs to be placed on identifying behavioural tendencies in staff that can lead to accidents at work.

Our solution

Hogan Assessments are a global leader in assessing personality and behaviour and predicting workplace performance. Their research has shown conclusively that:

  • Personality effectively predicts a variety of workplace behaviours
  • Individual differences in personality predict both safety related behaviours and on-the-job accidents and injuries
  • Individuals likely to follow organisational rules, effectively handle stress, avoid emotional outbursts, remain attentive while performing mundane tasks, avoid risks, and respond well to training are likely to exhibit safe workplace behaviours

Safety Competency Model

Based on research findings, Hogan Assessments have created a worldclass Safety Competency Model containing six critical behavioural components contributing to workplace safety. From this, they developed the Hogan Safety Reports which are based on results from the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), which is the industry standard for assessing normal personality and predicting job performance among working adults. Thousands of companies, including nearly 60% of Fortune 100 companies, use the HPI as part of their solutions for essential human resource management functions.

Hogan’s Safety Reports help to alleviate safety concerns by identifying risks that individuals may possess that could lead to on-the-job accidents and other unsafe behaviours.

Download a sample Safety Development Report

Download a sample Safety Selection Report

Hogan Assessment Safety Related Behavioural Competencies

Compliant A person’s inclination to adhere to rules and policies; high scores will conform to organisational guidelines and will be less likely to defy organisational authorities or ignore company rules.
Strong An individual’s tendency to effectively manage stress; high scores will exhibit confidence in their work and will be less likely to make mistakes by panicking under pressure.
Emotionally Stable A person’s ability to remain emotionally stable when under pressure; high scores will display emotional control while working and will be less likely to make a mistake by losing their tempers.
Vigilant Ability to stay focused when performing monotonous tasks. Poor performers are easily distracted and then make mistakes. Exceptional performers stay focused on the task at hand.
Cautious An individual’s inclination to avoid risk-taking; high scores will perform work carefully and will be less likely to make mistakes by taking excessive risks.
Trainable A person’s tendency to use and enjoy training; high scores will remain open to new training and development opportunities and will be less likely to overestimate their own competence due to arrogance.