Institute of Water article – Learning & Development Associates

Institute of Water article

Below is the text of the article about Learning and Development Associates published today (30 November 2018) in the Institute of Water Journal.


Learning & Development Associates Ltd

Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) was formed in 2016 with a vision to bring bespoke company specific training to the Water Sector.

L&DA founded in the UK, has a range of experience in the UK with a background in several international Water markets.

A team of like-minded senior professionals, who have achieved industry-wide recognition for excellence in their own particular fields, whose common aim is the advancement of
the competence of the industry.

Focussing on people and process L&DA brings its skills and expertise and network to provide advice, direction and interventions to the Industry supporting the wide range of learning
and development needs of the Water Sector.

We have recently worked closely with the sector to develop a suite of technically focused higher level national qualifications available to the water asset owners and supply chain.

Designed to advance the competence of the Water Industry and to address the technical needs of Water Managers specifically, the ultimate aim being to raise the technical
competence of the industry to meet the requirements of its regulators.

These new qualifications are at the leading edge of the Water Industry higher skills agenda. With our breadth of knowledge and vision, L&DA makes its capabilities available to the
sector through specialist design, delivery, project management, assessment and embedment of expertise.

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