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Risk & Resilience: Why is it so important during COVID-19 outbreak?

During these extremely challenging times which will test the resilience of the water industry as never before it is important that all of us in the water industry pull together in the months ahead to keep those vital services that our customer rely on going. We in L&DA are committed as part of the water industry community to doing what we can to help our colleagues get through these difficult times.

Hopefully the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak finds the UK’s water and sewerage organisations well prepared to face likely challenges based on their existing pandemic contingency plans. However the impact of both illness and precautionary self-isolation measures may test organisations’ ability to continue to field sufficient experienced staff in the coming months. Uncertainty also exists over the eventual mortality rate, the virus’s persistence in the community and the possibility / rate of any viral genetic mutation.

In such circumstances it pays to build strength in depth against the unavailability of key players in both operational and support functions. Our Risk & Resilience qualifications are well aligned to the challenges of coping with both the current outbreak and other unrelated exposures. Our two Level 5 Risk & Resilience qualifications (listed below) can develop individuals’ technical skills and understanding of the Management of Risk & Resilience and improve their performance. The qualifications encourage strategic thinking at this level of management, to foster business improvement and innovation.

Award learners will be taught how to take responsibility for planning and developing courses of action, including, where relevant, responsibility for the work of others and how to exercise autonomy and judgement within broad parameters and to address the knowledge and understanding of the Management of Risk & Resilience.

The qualifications address the practical competencies required for the effective management of Risk & Resilience and provide evidence of organisational competence for Regulators and other stakeholders.

  • Level 5 Award in Management of Risk & Resilience
  • Level 5 Award in Understanding Asset Management & its Relationship to Risk Management

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