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Managing Partner Relationships

As the Water Industry enters the determination period and readies itself for AMP 7 The need to drive out efficiency in the Water Industry means we have to look increasingly harder for new approaches to working better with our supply chain. The most progressive infrastructure organisations have already seen the benefits of partnership working and now continue to hone those relationships to drive out even greater mutual benefits for all partners and outperform both commercial and regulatory challenges. Common to all such successful partnerships is the ability to clearly and consistently articulate the partners’ common goals and manage conflicts that arise within a professional, trust-driven contractual relationship.

L&DA specialises in the design and delivery of highly interactive workshop interventions addressing partnership relationships. This is to ensure that both parties develop a greater mutual understanding for a more open and flexible commercial relationship focused on attaining a common goal. The success of these workshops is based on a number of factors:

A pragmatic business focus with appropriate knowledge/up skilling inputs as required – directly related to the contractual framework

  • We use real scenarios to bring everyday contractual issue to life and identify best practice responses from both parties to achieve the intended outcome
  • Our facilitators have worked extensively in the Water Industry and have ‘been there’ and experienced the real life challenge of managing partnership relationships